Man pages for nutterb/lazyWeave
LaTeX Wrappers for R Users

ComparisonTableComparison Tables
DeliveryObstetric Delivery Log
is_significantTest the significance of a p-value
lazy.buildCompile a PDF or HTML Report
lazy.citationAdd R or R Package Citation
lazy.counterCreate and Manage Counters for LaTeX Documents
lazy.figureInclude Figures in Latex Documents
lazy.file.endEnd LaTeX Documents
lazy.file.startInitiate New LaTeX, HTML, or Markdown Files
lazy.footnoteAdd a Footnote
lazy.insert.codeInsert Code to a TeX or HTML document
lazy.landscapeLandscape Page Orientation
lazy.linkLinks to Webpages or External Documents
lazy.listLists in LaTeX and HTML
lazy.matrixConvert Matrix to LaTeX Table New Page in LaTeX Page Numbering
lazy.refReference Tables, Figures, Sections, and Pages
lazy.sectionOpen Sections in LaTeX Documents
lazy.tableTables in LaTeX
lazy.textParagraphs in LaTeX
lazy.text.formatFormat Text
lazy.tocTable of Contents and Other Lists
lazy.verbatim.startVerbatim Environments
lazyWeaveGenerate Latex or HTML reports from R
lazy.writeOutput LaTeX Code to a File
mantel.testMantel-Haenszel test for two-way tables
map.sizeConvert text size specifications between LaTeX and HTML...
pvalStringFormat P-values for Reports
ScoutScout Advancement Data
setHtmlOptionslazyWeave HTML Report Options
univUnivariable Table
WritePrintCtableWrite and Print Comparison Tables
write.univWrite Univariate Table to a File
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