Man pages for nutterb/ldsmls
Extensions of Member and Leader Services

btn_add_custom_positionAdd a row to the Position Table for a custom position
btn_configure_congregationSend Configuration Details to the Database
btn_importRecordsImport Membership Records
btn_save_custom_position_changesSave Change to Custom Positions
launch_applicationLaunch the LDS MLS Extension Application
medley_mlsTable Formatting for MLS Tables
pipeForward-pipe and Compound-pipe operators.
startup_congregation_configuredDetermine if there congregation has a unit number
startup_initialize_databaseIntitialize the MLS Membership Database
ui_configure_positionUser Interface for Configuring Positions
ui_congregation_parametersRender the UI for changing congregation parameters
util_encode_idGenerate a Unique Identifier for the Database
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