Man pages for nutterb/redcapAPI
Interface to 'REDCap'

allocationTableAllocation Tables for the Randomization Module
apiCallExecute a Call to the REDCap API
checkbox_suffixesCheckbox Suffixes
cleanseMetaDataClean Meta Data of UTF Characters
deleteArmsDelete Arms From a Project
deleteFilesDelete a File attached to a Record
deprecated_redcapProjectInfoDeprecated Functions
exportArmsExport the Arms for a Project
exportBundlePerform a bundle of API calls.
exportEventsExport the Events for a Project
exportFieldNamesExport the Export Field Names for a Project
exportFilesExports a File attached to a Record
exportInstrumentsExports the REDCap Instruments
exportMappingsExports the Event-Form Mappings for a Project
exportMetaDataExport Meta Data from a REDCap Database
exportNextRecordNameGenerate Next Record Name from a REDCap Database
exportPdfExport PDF file of Data Collection Instruments (either as...
exportProjectInformationExports the Project Information
exportRecordsExport Records from a REDCap Database
exportReportsExport Reports from a REDCap Database
exportUsersExport the Users for a Project
exportVersionExports the REDCap Version Number
ExtractionExtraction and Assignment for 'redcapFactor's
fieldToVarConvert a REDCap Data Field to an R Vector
genericApiCallGeneric Interface the REDCap API.
importArmsImport Study Arm Names
importFilesImports a File to REDCap to Attach to a Record
importRecordsImport Records to a REDCap Database
massertConduct Multiple Assertions
parseBranchingLogicParse Branching Logic
recodeCheckChange labelling of 'checkbox' variables
redcapAPIAccess data, meta data, and files from REDCap using the API
redcapConnectionConnect to a REDCap Database
redcap_errorHandle Errors from the REDCap API
redcapFactorFlipConvert REDCap factors between labelled and coded
syncUnderscoreCodingsSychronize coding of checkbox variables between meta data and...
validateImportValidate Data Frames for Import
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