Man pages for nverno/stuff
Utilities and stuff

add_java_envSet some environment variables required by some packages.
blankDFCreate empty data.frame with all possible names of supplied...
captureInputsStore input values, so when partials are rendered values can...
clean_srcClean all tar files from source dir
fill_spacesFill strings so all are the same length as width by filling...
findDataFind paths to data in specified diretories
findPacksGathers requires/libraries
findPartsReturn a list of partials/controllers from subdirectories
grapes-or-or-grapesGeneral if a null then b function
grepInOrderGrep indices ordered by year
install_packagesInstall, keep source, untar, and unlink, and make a tags...
is_writeableCheck file write permission.
justifyJustify strings like in open office or excel so each line is...
levOrderLevel ordering
load_dataGrab files off AFS
load_docsCopy documents over from AFS
make_factorMake factors from data column
makePlotContainersMake dynamic plot containers
nonEmptyremove nulls/empty values from list
pol2cartConvert polar to cartesian coordinates
prettifyMake nice for markdown
pretty_listConvert input to list
renderPlotsRender dynamic plot outputs
rep_varsFunction to replace variables in function body expr is...
seeRender and browse the file
setup_dataCopy data from AFS and create roxygen documentation.
StuffCool stuff
Sys.which2Modification of Sys.which that can find the ImageMagik...
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