Man pages for nwaff/tsfeats

bandpowerCompute bandpower
bp_pgramFind the power within specified frequency bands.
clean_featureReturns dataframe with feature(s)
ecomp_allCompute epsilon complexity using bsplines
ecomp_bsplineCompute epsilon complexity using bsplines
ecomp_csplineCompute epsilon complexity using csplines
ecomp_cspline_maeCompute epsilon complexity using csplines with mean absolute...
ecomp_cspline_maxCompute epsilon complexity using csplines with max error.
ecomp_cspline_mseCompute epsilon complexity using csplines with squared error.
ecomp_cspline_randCompute epsilon complexity using csplines and random...
ecomp_liftCompute epsilon complexity using lifting
fd_variogramVariogram-based estimate of fractal dimension.
get_featuresExtract set of features from a time series.
hurstCorrected Hurst exponent
hurst_pracmaCorrected Hurst exponent
permutation_entropyCompute the permutation entropy of a time series.
sample_entropyCompute the sample entropy of the data
spectral_entropyCompute spectral entropy
varianceVariance wrapper
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