Man pages for nwfsc-assess/VAST_WestCoast
Estimation and simulation with VAST for the US West Coast

addMAECalculate the median absolute error over categories and add...
clean_dataClean Database for VAST
get_coefficientCalculate the delta coefficient of a model
get_coverageCalculate coverage of an index
get_dataObtain Data for a VAST Model
get_EMGet information on parameters from an estimation folder
get_EMpathCreate full path to estimation model
get_extraplistGet Extrapolation List to Expand Results
get_logratioCalculate the log-ratio of the index data.
get_longWrapper for Gather function A wrapper function that plays a...
get_OMGet information on parameters from a simulated data set
get_resultsGet results from OM and EM from a simulation
get_settingsCheck that all of the settings are in the list
get_simSimulate data
get_sppGet the Species and Survey Name
ggplotreWrapper for ggplot2 with Relative Error A wrapper for...
plot_indexPlot indicies of Relative Abundance
summary_nwfscSummarize a VAST model for Northwest Fisheries Science Center
VAST_conditionEstimate Parameters by Fitting VAST to Empirical Data
VAST_diagnosticsRun Diagnostic Plots for VASTWestCoast Output
VAST_doShortened Code for VAST
VAST_EMRun the full estimation method that loops over...
VAST_EMrepiRun the estimation method for a given set of "settings"
VAST_OMRun the operating model (OM) for a simulation.
VAST_OMrepiRun an individual replicate for the OM
VAST_runEstimate parameters from a spatiotemporal...
VAST_setupSet up the spatial information for a 'VAST' run.
VAST_simulationRun a complete simulation using VAST
WCGOP_cleanWest Coast Groundfish Observer Program data preparation
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