Man pages for nxdao2000/is2
Iterated smoothing for partially observed Markov processes

aifIterated Smoothing
aif-methodsMethods of the "aif" class
avifIterated Smoothing
avif-methodsMethods of the "avif" class
is2Iterated Smoothing
is2-methodsMethods of the "is2" class
is3Iterated Smoothing
is3-methodsMethods of the "is3" class
mifMomentumIterated Smoothing
mifMomentum-methodsMethods of the "mifMomentum" class
pfilter2Particle filter
pfilter2-methodsMethods of the "pfilterd2.pomp" class
pfilter3Particle filter
pfilter3-methodsMethods of the "pfilter3d.pomp" class
pmifThe particle Iterated Filtering algorithm
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