Man pages for nxskok/poistan
Fit Poisson model to goal-scoring data via Stan

comp_by_last_dateCompetitions whose last scheduled game is after input date
compiled_modelObtain compiled model
comp_listData frame of competition names and ids
connectconnect to database
do_predictObtain predictive distribution for teams numbers i and j from...
englandEngland soccer data
find_compFind league by date of last match and name pattern
get_compget competition(s) from data base
get_compsget several comps and glue results into one data frame
last_dateDate of latest (scheduled) match for each competition
mSmall data set for testing
makexyCreate input to sampler from data frame
optim.modelPosterior mode estimate of Poisson model
poistanpoistan: a package for fitting Poisson models to goal-scoring...
sample_modelSample from Poisson model
show_matchesShow all the matches in a competition involving input team
show_ratingshow mean ratings
split_halfSplit vector into two halves
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