Man pages for nzbri/chchpd
Manage and Manipulate Christchurch Parkinson's Studies Data

chchpd-packagechchpd: Manage and Manipulate Christchurch Parkinson's...
google_authenticateAllow Google Drive authorisation via a server
import_bloodsImport data from biosamples collection sessions.
import_HADSImport Hospital Anxiety and depression Scale (HADS) data.
import_hallucinationsImport data from the Sydney hallucinations questionnaire.
import_MDS_UPDRSImport MDS-UPDRS scores.
import_medicationsImport medications data.
import_motor_scoresImport UPDRS/MDS-UPDRS motor scores.
import_MRIImport metadata on MRI scans
import_neuropsycImport neuropsyc data.
import_old_UPDRSImport original UPDRS (1987 version) scores.
import_participantsImport participant demographics
import_PETImport metadata on PET scans
import_sessionsImport links between sessions and studies
map_to_universal_session_idChange idiosyncratic session ID codes to a consistent...
output_graphProduce interactive or static graph output depending on...
tabulate_duplicatesTabulate number of duplicated values in a variable
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