Man pages for obiba/resourcer
Resource Resolver a resource to a data.frame a ResourceClient object to a data.frame resource client to a data.frame
as.resource.objectCoerce resource client to the internal data object
as.resource.tblCoerce resource client to a tbl
CommandResourceClientCommand resource client
DBIResourceConnectorDBI resource connector
FileResourceClientFile resource client
FileResourceGetterFile resource getter
findDBIResourceConnectorFind a DBI resource connector
findFileResourceGetterFind a file resource getter
getDBIResourceConnectorsGet DBI resource connectors registry
getFileResourceGettersGet file resource getters registry
getResourceResolversGet resource resolvers registry
GridFsFileResourceGetterGridFS file resource getter
HttpFileResourceGetterHTTP file resource getter
LocalFileResourceGetterLocal file resource getter
MariaDBResourceConnectorMariaDB DBI resource connector
newResourceCreate a Resource
newResourceClientCreates a resource client
NoSQLResourceClientNoSQL database resource client
NoSQLResourceResolverNoSQL Database Resource resolver
OpalFileResourceGetterOpal file resource getter
PostgresResourceConnectorPostgres DBI resource connector
PrestoResourceConnectorPresto DBI resource connector
RDataFileResourceClientR data file resource client
RDataFileResourceResolverR data file Resource resolver
RDSFileResourceClientR object file resource client
RDSFileResourceResolverR object file Resource resolver
registerDBIResourceConnectorRegister a DBI resource connector
registerFileResourceGetterRegister a file resource getter
registerResourceResolverRegister a resource resolver
resolveResourceFind a resource resolver
ResourceClientResource client
ResourceResolverResource resolver
ScpFileResourceGetterSCP file resource getter
ShellResourceClientShell resource client
ShellResourceResolverShell Resource resolver
SparkResourceConnectorApache Spark DBI resource connector
SQLResourceClientSQL database resource client
SQLResourceResolverSQL Database Resource resolver
SshResourceClientSSH resource client
SshResourceResolverSSH Resource resolver
TidyFileResourceClientTidy file resource client
TidyFileResourceResolverTidy file Resource resolver
unregisterDBIResourceConnectorRemove a DBI resource connector from the registry
unregisterFileResourceGetterRemove a file resource getter from the registry
unregisterResourceResolverRemove a resource resolver from the registry
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