Man pages for obrl-soil/dsmartr
dsmartr: An R implementation of the DSMART algorithm

calc_probabilitiesSoil class probabilities
check_attributesCheck dsmartr input map attributes
class_mapsProduce soil class probability surfaces
collateCollate dsmartr iterations
count_predictionsSoil class prediction counts
dsmartr-packagedsmartr: An R implementation of the DSMART algorithm
eval_npredCalculate soil classes per pixel
eval_pgapCalculate probability gap
eval_tiesDetect ties for most-probable soil
get_classesGet all soil classes
heronvale_covariatesData: Demonstration covariates for dsmartr
heronvale_known_sitesData: Points where soil class is known
heronvale_soilmapData: Broadscale soil map of the Heronvale area
heronvale_soilnamesData: Decoded soil class names
in_rangein range
iterateGenerate disaggregated soil maps
iter_sample_polySample a polygon for [iterate()]
most_likelyExtract most-likely-soil maps
n_predictedNumber of classes predicted
n_thingsget items
order_countsOrder soil class counts
prediction_masksgenerate masks from samples
prep_pointsPrepare dsmartr points
prep_polygonsPrepare dsmartr polygons
sort_probabilitiesSort soil class probabilities
strict_cfpget a list of cell numbers intersecting a polygon
tie_finderNumber of tied soil classes
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