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Functions for Everyday Data Science Tasks

convert_variablesConvert the Data Types of Variables from a given Dataset
derive_variablesDerive Variables from a given Dataset
descriptive_statisticsGenerate Descriptive Statistics for a given dataset
ensemble_glmnetBagged Ensemble GLMNET Model.
ensemble_marsBagged Ensemble MARS Model.
ensemble_randForestBagged Ensemble Random Forests Model.
eurovisionEurovision Dataset
evaluation_metricsCalculate Evaluation Metrics
extract_variablesExtract Variables of Specific Types from a given Dataset
house_pricesHouse Prices Dataset
impute_variablesImpute missing observations for a given Dataset
lungcapLung Capacity Dataset
ModeCalculate the Mode of a given Dataset
random_2014_ESCGenerate a Random Voting Network for the 2014 ESC Final
random_single_levelGenerate a Random Single Voting Network for the 2014 ESC...
remove_variablesRemove Variables / Observations from a Dataset
sample_variablesSample Observations from given a Dataset.
standardise_variablesStandardise the Numeric Variables of a given Dataset
tests_chisqPerforms Chi-Squared Tests of Associations on a given dataset
tests_corsPerforms Correlation Tests on a given dataset
tests_ksPerforms Two Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Tests on a given...
tests_normPerforms a variety of Normality Tests on a given dataset
tests_proptestPerforms Difference of Proportion Tests on a given dataset
tests_tPerforms One Sample and Two Sample T-tests on a given dataset
tests_univariatePerform a Univariate Analysis on a given dataset
tests_varPerforms Two Sample Variance F-Tests on a given dataset
tests_wilcoxonPerforms One Sample and Two Sample Wilcoxon Tests on a given...
titanicTitanic Dataset
transform_variablesTransforms the Numeric Variables of a given Dataset based on...
visualise_qqplotVisualise a normal QQ-plot for a given vector
visualise_residualsVisualise the Residuals of given a given Linear Model.
visualise_variables_xVisualise each Variable in a given Dataset
visualise_variables_xxVisualise each Variable Pair in a given Dataset
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