Man pages for okgreece/DescriptiveStats.OBeu
Descriptive Statistics

compare.statsGroup and compare summaries statistics to a data frame
CVCoefficient of variation
ds.analysisCalculation of some Descriptive Tasks
ds.boxBoxplot Parameters of a numeric vector
ds.boxplotBoxplot Parameters of a matrix or data frame
ds.correlationCorrelation Coefficient of a dataframe
ds.frequencyBarplot parameters
ds.histHistogram breaks and frequencies
ds.kurtosisCalculation of Kurtosis
ds.skewnessCalculation of Skewness
ds.statisticsCalculation of the Statistic Measures
multisubMultiple replacement
numsSelect the numeric columns of a given dataset
open_spending.dsRead and Calculate the Basic Information for Basic...
sample_json_link_openspendingSample data from Open Spending
Wuppertal_dfWuppertal Fiscal Data extracted from Open Spending API
Wuppertal_openspendingWuppertal Fiscal Data extracted from Open Spending API
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