Man pages for okgreece/gginference
Visualise the Results of Inferential Statistics using 'ggplot2'

accidentsDataCar accident data
BirthDeathNumber of births and death in Greece
BirthDeath2000Birth and Deaths before and after 2000
birthsBirths in Greece, 1976-1989
DieselbioRon95Bio diesel and RON 95 consumption
ggaovAnova F test plot
ggchisqtestPlot for Pearson's Chi-squared Test for Count Data
ggcortestPlot test for association between paired samples
ggproptestPlot test of Equal or Given Proportions
ggttestStudent's t-test plot
ggvartestF test plot
MilkConsumptionMilk consumption
randexperimentRandom experiment results
Salary_GenderFemale and male salaries
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