Man pages for olimora/mySPADE
SPADE -- An analysis and visualization tool for Flow Cytometry

SPADE.addClusterToFCSAnnotate observations in FCS file with cluster assignment
SPADE.addDensityToFCSAnnotate FCS file with local density of each observation
SPADE.annotateGraphAdd attributes to graph
SPADE.downsampleFCSDownsample observcations in a FCS file according to density...
SPADE.driverSPADE workflow driver
SPADE.FCSToTreeCluster and build minimum spanning tree from data in FCS...
SPADE.flattenAnnotationsFlatten list of annotations to matrix
SPADE.installPluginInstall CytoSPADE Cytoscape plugin
SPADE.layout.archGenerate coordinates for plotting graphs
SPADE.markerMediansCompute marker medians, coefficient of variations and counts...
SPADE.plot.treesPlot trees with annotated vertices an FCS File
SPADE.write.graphWriting the graph to a file in some format
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