Man pages for oliver-wyman-actuarial/easyR
Helpful Functions from Oliver Wyman Actuarial Consulting

astextAs Text
binbyvolBin by Volume
bindfBind Rows with Factors
cache.initInitialize cache.
cache.okCheck Cache Status
char2facCharacters to Factors
charnumCheck for Number Formatted as Character.
checkeqCheck Value or Control Total
clear.cacheClear Cache
coalfFactor-friendly Coalesce
crunConcatenate and run.
ddiffDate difference (or difference in days).
dictGet Data Dictionary
drowsGet Rows with Duplicates
ecopyCopy to Clipboard
eqNA-Friendly Equality Comparison
fac2charFactors to Characters
fjoinfFull Join with Factors
fldictGet Data Dictionary for Files in Folder
fmatNumber Formatter
getbetterintGet better Int
getinfoGet Info
grGolden Ratio
hashfilesHash Files
headers_rowIdentify headers row.
ijoinfInner Join with Factors
ischarShorthand for is.character
isdateShorthand for lubridate::is.Date
isfacShorthand for is.factor
isnumShorthand for is.numeric
isvalIs Valid / Is a Value / NA NULL Check
jreplJoin and Replace Values.
likedateLike Date
ljoinfLeft Join with Factors
match.factorsMatch Factors.
mdiffDate Difference in Months
naShorthand for
namesxNames Like
nanShorthand for is.nan
nanullNA / NULL Check
nastringsNA Strings
nullShorthand for is.null
pad0Pad with Zeros
qdiffDate Difference in Quarters
rany_fixColNamesFix column names.
read.anyRead Any File
read.txtRead File as Text
runfolderRun Folder
rxRead Excel
save.cacheSave Cache Saves the arguments to a cache file, using the...
schSearch a Data Frame.
strxStructure with Like
sumnumSummarize All Numeric Columns
tcmsgtryCatch with Message
tcolTranspose at Column.
tcwarntryCatch with warning
toboolConvert to Logical/Boolean
tocharShorthand for as.character
todateConvert to Date
tonumConvert to Number
usepkgUse Package
validate.equalValidate Equal
xldateConvert Excel Number to Date
ydiffDate Difference in Years
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