Man pages for olssol/rwetools
R functions for synthesizing real-world evidence in single-arm studies

plot.RWE_DWITHPSPlot PS distributions
rweBalMetricGet balance by different metrics
rweCutCut a sequence of numbers into bins with equal numbers in...
rweDistCompute distance from F0 to F1
rweEvenLmbdSSplit A into Bins
rweFreqTblGenerate frequency table for factor columns
rweGetBinIntGet intercept for a binary outcome.
rweGetLambdaGet weights
rweGetPowerAGet the actual power term in the power prior
rweGetYSigCompute standard error of the random error
rwePlotUnbalancePlot unbalance in covariates
rwePSGet propensity scores
rwePSDistGet number of subjects and the distances of PS distributions...
rwePsPowDrawPostGet Posterior for all stratum
rwePsPowDrawPriorGet Prior Only for all stratum
rwePsWLPS-Integrated Weighted Likelihood Estimation for all stratum...
rweShinyRun Web-Based 'rwetools' application
rweSimuCombineCombining simulation results
rweSimuCovSimulate covariates following a mixture of multivariate...
rweSimuErrorSimulate random errors
rweSimuFromTrialSimulate data from an existing dataset
rweSimuSingleArmSimulate outcomes for a single arm study
rweSimuTwoArmSimulate continuous outcomes for a two arm study
rweSTANCall STAN models
rweSummarySummary statistics
rweSummaryPostSummary Posterior theta
rwetools-packageR tools for synthesizing real-world evidence
rweUnbalanceGet unbalance in baseline covariates
rweWLWeighted Likelihood Estimation
rweXBetaSimulate X multiplied by Beta
simuparaParameters for simulating data
tkCallFunCall function by its name organized as a vector
tkExpRstExport results into a template file
tkMakeLocalImport objects in a list into a designated environment
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