Man pages for omegahat/Aspell
Interface to aspell library

addCorrectionAdd words to spelling dictionary
aspellCheck the spelling of one or more words
AspellConfig-classClasses for representing opaque data types in the aspell...
AspellToken-classRepresentation of a location of a word in a document as...
CallbackResult-classAsynchronous callback functions
clearSessionClear the details from the current spelling session
createSpellConfigCreate a new aspell configuration object.
DictInfo-classRepresentation of libaspell dictionary information.
docCheckerCollection of functions to spell check a document.
DocSpellerGenerator function for spell-checking words in a document.
getConfigRetrieve the configuration for the given speller
getDictInfoGet information about the available dictionaries.
getModuleInfoRetrieve information about the aspell library's available...
getResultGeneric function to retrieve result from asynchronous...
getSpellerCreate a new speller object
getSpellInfoGet meta-information about the Aspell configuration object
getWordListRetrieve the collections of words stored by the speller.
KeyInfo-classRepresentation for option in aspell configuration.
ModuleInfo-classRepresentation of information about an aspell library module.
saveWordListsSave the session, personal and main word lists for the...
setSpellConfigSet options in an aspell configuration object
spellDocBasic interface to spell check document
SpellingReplacement-classRepresentation of a corrected word for a document.
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