Man pages for omegahat/RCurl
General network (HTTP/FTP/...) client interface for R

AUTHConstants for identifying Authentication Schemes
base64Encode/Decode base64 content
basicHeaderGathererFunctions for processing the response header of a libcurl...
basicTextGathererCumulate text across callbacks (from an HTTP response)
binaryBufferCreate internal C-level data structure for collecting binary...
CFILECreate a C-level handle for a file
chunkToLineReaderUtility that collects data from the HTTP reply into lines and...
cloneClone/duplicate an object
completeComplete an asynchronous HTTP request
curlErrorRaise a warning or error about a CURL problem
curlEscapeHandle characters in URL that need to be escaped
CurlFeatureBitsConstants for libcurl
curlGlobalInitStart and stop the Curl library
CURLHandle-classClass "CURLHandle" for synchronous HTTP requests
curlOptionsConstructor and accessors for CURLOptions objects
curlPerformPerform the HTTP query
curlSetOptSet values for the CURL options
curlVersionInformation describing the Curl library
dynCurlReaderDynamically determine content-type of body from HTTP header...
enumsClasses and coercion methods for enumerations in libcurl
fileUploadSpecify information about a file to upload in an HTTP request
findHTTPHeaderEncodingFind the encoding of the HTTP response from the HTTP header
ftpUploadUpload content via FTP
getBinaryURLDownload binary content
getBitIndicatorsOperate on bit fields
getCurlErrorClassNamesRetrieve names of all curl error classes
getCurlHandleCreate libcurl handles
getCurlInfoAccess information about a CURL request
getFormParamsExtract parameters from a form query string
getURIAsynchronousDownload multiple URIs concurrently, with inter-leaved...
getURLDownload a URI
guessMIMETypeInfer the MIME type from a file name
httpPUTSimple high-level functions for HTTP PUT and DELETE
HTTP_VERSION_1_0Symbolic constants for specifying HTTP and SSL versions in...
isBinaryContentDetermines if content appears to be text or binary
merge.listMethod for merging two lists by name
mimeTypeExtensionsMapping from extension to MIME type
MultiCURLHandle-classClass "MultiCURLHandle" for asynchronous, concurrent HTTP...
postFormSubmit an HTML form
RCurl-internalInternal functions
resetGeneric function for resetting an object
scpRetrieve contents of a file from a remote host via SCP...
url.existsCheck if URL exists
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