Man pages for omegahat/SWinRegistry
Access to Windows Registry

append-methodsMethod for appending an entry to a registry path.
coerce-methodsCoerce method for registry path identifier to a string
createRegistryKeyManage Registry Keys
createRegistryPathConstructor for representation of a registry entry
expandEnvironmentStringsExpand symbolic strings containing environment parameters
getRegistryRecursively retrieve registry keys and values
getRegistryKeyValue of a Key in the Windows registry
getRegistryKeyValuesContents of Registry Folder
getRegistryKeyValues-methodsValue of one or more keys in the Windows registry
getRegistrySubKeyNamesNames of sub-keys in Windows Registry Folder
getRegistrySubKeyNames-methodsNames of sub-keys in Windows Registry Folder
keyManagementMethodsManage Registry Keys
RegistryKeyContentsClassSimple class for representing the contents of registry key
registryKeyExistsQuery for existence of key in registry
RegistryPathClassesRepresentation of an entry in the registry
resolveKeyVerify key exists in registry
resolveKey-methodsVerify key is in registry
resolveToplevelRegistryKeyHierarchical Registry Path Specification
setRegistryValueSet Registry Value
setRegistryValue-methodsSet Registry Value
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