DataLakeStoreRGettingStarted - Instructions to install and test the DataLakeStoreRGettingStarted client

Sample ADLS client in R using the R connector for ADLS which is part of AzureSMR

Install R runtime and R studio

Clone and open the sample client in R Studio

git clone

Prepare the config.json property file

 "authType": "ClientCredential",
 "resource": "",
 "tenantID": "72f988bf-blah-41af-blah-2d7cd011blah",
 "clientID": "1d604733-blah-4b37-blah-98fca981blah",
 "authKey": "zTw5blah+IN+yIblahrKv2K8dM2/BLah4FogBLAH/ME=",
 "azureDataLakeAccount": "azuresmrtestadls"

Configure the config.json file path in the GettingStarted.R file

configPath <- paste0(getwd(), "/../config.json")

Install required R packages

install.packages("devtools", dependencies = TRUE)


Build and load the DataLakeStoreRGettingStarted client

Set the working directory


Run the test


NOTE: 1. During this installation process if you come across an error with installing any package, please exit RStudio and delete the respective package folder from the paths specified in .libPaths()

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