Man pages for openml/r
Open Machine Learning and Open Data Platform

chunkOMLlistDo chunked listings
clearOMLCacheClear cache directories
configurationOpenML configuration.
convertMlrLearnerToOMLFlowConverts an OMLFlow to an mlr learner.
convertMlrTaskToOMLDataSetConverts a mlr task to an OpenML data set.
convertOMLDataSetToMlrConvert an OpenML data set to mlr task.
convertOMLFlowToMlrConverts a flow to a mlr learner.
convertOMLMlrRunToBMRConvert 'OMLMlrRun's to a 'BenchmarkResult'.
convertOMLRunToBMRConvert an OpenML run set to a benchmark result for mlr.
convertOMLTaskToMlrConvert an OpenML task to mlr.
deleteOMLObjectDelete an OpenML object.
doAPICallPerform an API call to the OpenML server.
downloadOMLObjectDownload an OpenML Object.
extractOMLStudyIdsExtract IDs of a OMLStudy object
getCachedOMLDataSetStatusCheck status of cached datasets.
getOMLConfigGet OpenML configuration.
getOMLDataSetGet an OpenML data set.
getOMLDataSetQualitiesList available OpenML qualities with values for given data...
getOMLFlowDownload an OpenML flow.
getOMLRunGet an OpenML run.
getOMLRunParListExtract OMLRunParList from run
getOMLSeedParListExtract OMLSeedParList from run
getOMLStudyGet OpenML Study information.
getOMLTaskGet an OpenML task.
listOMLDataSetQualitiesList available OpenML qualities names.
listOMLDataSetsList the first 5000 OpenML data sets.
listOMLEstimationProceduresList available estimation procedures.
listOMLEvaluationMeasuresList available OpenML evaluation measures.
listOMLFlowsList all registered OpenML flows.
listOMLRunEvaluationsList run results of a task.
listOMLRunsList OpenML runs.
listOMLSetupList hyperparameter settings
listOMLStudieslist OpenML Studies.
listOMLTasksList the first 5000 OpenML tasks.
listOMLTaskTypesList available OpenML task types.
loadOMLConfigLoad OpenML configuration.
makeOMLEstimationProcedureConstruct OMLEstimationProcedure.
makeOMLFlowConstruct OMLFlow.
makeOMLFlowParameterConstruct OMLFlowParameter.
makeOMLRunConstruct OMLRun.
makeOMLRunParameterConstruct OMLRunParameter.
makeOMLRunParListConstruct OMLRunParList.
makeOMLSeedParListConstruct OMLSeedParList
makeOMLTaskConstruct OMLTask.
OMLDataSetDescriptionConstruct OMLDataSetDescription.
populateOMLCacheDownload a bunch of OpenML objects to cache.
runTaskFlowReproduce the Run
runTaskMlrRun mlr learner on OpenML task.
saveOMLConfigSaves a list of OpenML configuration settings to file.
setOMLConfigSettter for configuration settings.
taggingTagging of OpenML objects
uploadOMLDataSetUpload a data set to the OpenML server.
uploadOMLFlowUpload an OpenML.
uploadOMLRunUpload an OpenML run.
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