Man pages for openscienceunil/modulr
A Dependency Injection Framework for R

browserEnvironment, Module, and Pipe Browser.
chord_enginePlot Dependencies with Chord Engine.
cloneClone a Module.
defineDefine a Module.
find_moduleFind a Module.
find_pathFind the Path of a Module.
futurizeTweak a module to a future.
get_breadcrumbsGet Breadcrumbs.
get_configsGet Configurations.
get_dependenciesGet the Dependencies of a Module.
get_digestGet the Digest of a Module.
get_providerGet the Provider of a Module.
hitInteractively Find, Make and Bind a Module.
import_moduleImport a Module.
injectorCreate, Set, and Get Injectors (Modulr Internal States).
last_nameName of Last Used Module.
list_modulesList Defined Modules.
load_all_modulesLoad All Modules.
load_moduleLoad a Module.
makeMake a Module.
module_metadataModule Metadata.
module_optionsModule Options.
modulrModulr: A Dependency Injection Framework for R
modulr-moduleSpecial Module "modulr"
options_providerModule Options Provider
options_provider_Options module which exposes an R environment. See...
plot_dependenciesPlot Dependencies.
prepare_gearPrepare Modulr Gear.
print_infoOutput Docstring Info.
reactivate_breadcrumbsRe-Activate Breadcrumbs.
release_gear_as_gistPrepare and Release a Modulr Gear as a Gist on GitHub.
resetReset the Modulr Internal State.
sankey_enginePlot Dependencies with Sankey Engine.
set_verbositySet and Get Verbosity Level.
shared_envShared Environment.
stashStash and Unstash Modules. List and Remove Stashes.
touchTouch a Module.
undefineUndefine a Module.
with_injectorWith Injector.
with_no_packagesWith (...) Packages.
with_verbosityWith verbosity.
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