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Example volleyball match scout files


Example volleyball match scout files


ovdata_example(choice = "190301_kats_beds", as = "path", simplify = TRUE)



string: one or more files to return

  • "190301_kats_beds" - the full DataVolley file from a match between GKS Katowice and MKS Bedzin during the 2018/19 Polish Plus Liga (file courtesy Mark Lebedew)

  • "190301_kats_beds-clip" - a single rally from the "190301_kats_beds" DataVolley file. This rally corresponds to the video clip contained in ovdata_example_video("190301_kats_beds")

  • "PM06" - (DataVolley) the December 2012 men's Slovenian national championship semifinal between ACH Volley and Maribor (file from http://www.odbojka.si/)

  • "mlafin_braslovce_nkbm" - (DataVolley) the January 2015 Slovenian junior women's final between BraslovĨe and Nova KBM Branik (file from http://www.odbojka.si/)

  • "clickscout" - an example Click & Scout DataVolley file

  • "2017_AVL_mens_HEAT_vs_UTSSU" - (Perana/VBStats) Men's Australian Volleyball League 2017: Canberra Heat vs UTSSU (file courtesy Chau Le)

  • "2017_AVL_womens_HEAT_vs_UTSSU" - (Perana/VBStats) Women's Australian Volleyball League 2017: Canberra Heat vs UTSSU (file courtesy Chau Le)

  • "stuttgart_schwerin_2018" - (DataVolley) the 2018 women's final (first of 3) from the German Bundesliga, Allianz MTV Stuttgart vs SSC Palmberg Schwerin (file courtesy Michael Mattes)

  • "DCup7" - the 2020 Austrian Women's Volley Cup played between Hartberg and UVC Graz (file from https://www.volleynet.at/dvdownload/information/f-Damen/)

  • "NCA-CUB" - Nicaragua vs Cuba women from the Pan American Cup, August 2022 (vsm format, courtesy Christophe Elek)


string: either "path" (return the path to the file) or "parsed" (parse the file into an R data structure using datavolley::dv_read() or peranavolley::pv_read()


logical: by default if as is "parsed", the returned list is the same length as choice where each entry is a parsed object. If simplify is TRUE and we have asked for a single file (i.e. length(choice) == 1, then return just that object (not a list containing that object)


If as is "path", a character vector with the file path(s), otherwise a list

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myfile <- ovdata_example()
x <- dv_read(myfile)

x <- ovdata_example("clickscout", as = "parsed")

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