Man pages for osofr/gridisl
Discrete Super Learner with Grid-Search for Longitudinal Data

add_CVfolds_indDefine a column of fold indicators for V-fold...
add_holdout_indDefine and fit growth models evaluated on holdout...
as.intConvert specific columns in 'vars' to numeric
as.numConvert specific columns in 'vars' to integers
assign_model_name_idGenerate model names / IDs
char_to_factorConvert all character columns to factors
cppSubset of growth data from the collaborative perinatal...
create_fit_objectCreate a model fit list
create_fit_paramsCreate a list with main model parameters
defModelInterface for defining models
drop_NA_yDrop all observation rows with missing outcomes
eval_MSEEvaluate MSE based on holdout/validation predictions
factor_to_dummyConvert factors to binary indicators, for factors with > 2...
fit_modelGeneric modeling function for longitudinal data.
fit.ModelStackFit Discrete SuperLearner
get_out_of_sample_predictionsGet the combined out of sample predictions from V...
get_train_dataGet training data used by the modeling object
get_validation_dataGet validation data used by the modeling object
get_yvaluesGet the y values (outcomes) used in the training data
glmModelClassR6 class for storing the design matrix and the binary outcome...
GriDiSLOptionsQuerying/setting a single 'gridisl' option
importDataImport data, define nodes (columns) and define input data R6...
logical_to_intConvert logical covariates to integers
make_kfold_from_columnConvert a column of validation folds into origami format
make_model_reportGenerate report(s) with modeling stats using pandoc.
make_PredictionStackCombine models into ensemble
openFileInOSOpen file
pander.H2OBinomialMetricsPander method for H2OBinomialMetrics S4 class
pander.H2OGridPander method for H2OGrid S4 class
pander.H2ORegressionMetricsPander method for H2ORegressionMetrics S4 class
plotMSEsPlot the top (smallest) validation MSEs for an ensemble of...
predict_genericGeneric SuperLearner prediction function
predict_SL.PredictionSLPredict for convex (continuous) SuperLearner fit
predict_SL.PredictionStackPredict for discrete SuperLearner fit
prepare_dataWrapper for several data processing functions.
print.brokenstickmodelS3 methods for printing model fit summary for...
print.GLMmodelS3 methods for printing model fit summary for glmfit class...
print_GriDiSL_optsPrint Current Option Settings for 'gridisl'
print.H2OensemblemodelS3 methods for printing model fit summary for H2Omodel class...
print.ModelStackS3 methods for printing a collection of learners
print.PredictionModelS3 methods for printing model fit summary for PredictionModel...
print.PredictionStackS3 methods for printing model fit summary for PredictionModel...
print_tablesS3 methods for printing model fit summaries as pander tables
save_best_modelSave the best performing h2o model
set_all_GriDiSL_optionsSetting 'gridisl' Options
summary.brokenstickmodelS3 methods for getting model fit summary for glmfit class...
summary.GLMmodelS3 methods for fit summary for glmfit class
summary.H2OensemblemodelS3 methods for getting model fit summary for H2Oensemblemodel...
summary.H2ORegressionModelS3 methods for fit summary for h2o
summary.xgb.BoosterS3 methods for fit summary from xgboost
xgb.gridHyper-parameter grid search for xgboost
XGBoostClassR6 class model fitting with xgboost R package
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