Man pages for oswaldosantos/INLAOutputs
Process selected outputs from the 'INLA' package

CompareRandomEfectSDCompare two mdoles in terms of the standard deviation of...
CPOConditional predictive ordinates
DICDeviance information criteria
ExplainedVarianceVariance explained by each variance component
FittedExcessFitted values in excess
FixedEffectsFixed effects
INLAOutputs-packageThe INLAOutputs Package
PerformancePerformance metrics
Prec2SDStandard deviation of hyperparameters
PredPValuePosterior predictive p-value
PriorityIndexPriority index.
RandomEffectsRandom effects
RandomEffectsExcessRnadom effects in excess
sp.adjGraph of neighbours for each Sao Paulo's district.
spnHuman violence and animal abuse notifications in Sao Paulo...
WAICWatanabe-Akaike information criteria
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