Man pages for oswaldosantos/INLAOutputs
Process selected outputs from the 'INLA' package

CPOConditional predictive ordinates
CVCross-validated model performance
DICDeviance information criteria
ExplainedVarianceVariance explained by each variance component
FittedExcessFitted values in excess
FixedEffectsFixed effects
INLAOutputs-packageThe INLAOutputs Package
Prec2SDStandard deviation of hyperparameters
PredPValuePosterior predictive p-value
RandomEffectsRandom effects
RandomEffectsExcessRnadom effects in excess
RMSERoot mean squared error
sp.adjGraph of neighbours for each Sao Paulo's district.
spnHuman violence and animal abuse notifications in Sao Paulo...
WAICWatanabe-Akaike information criteria
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