Man pages for oswaldosantos/capm
Companion Animal Population Management

Calculate2StageSampleSizeTwo-stage cluster sampling size and composition (Deprecated)
CalculateGlobalSensGlobal sensitivity analysis
CalculateLocalSensLocal sensitivity analysis
CalculatePopChangePopulation change.
CalculateSimpleSampleSizeSimple random sample size
CalculateStratifiedSampleSizeStratified random sample size
capm-packageThe capm Package
catsCat's sample data from Pinhais, Brazil, 2017
cluster_sampleHousehold data from a two-stage cluster sample
DesignSurveySurvey design
dogsDog's sample data from Pinhais, Brazil, 2017
FreqTabFrequency table of categorical variables
GetDataIASAGet initial values and paramters for IASA model from survey...
MapkmlPSUCreates *.kml files of a subset of polygons from a polygon...
PlotGlobalSensPlot results of GlobalSens function
PlotHHxSpeciesDistribution of households according to the number of...
PlotImmigrationFlowPlot immigration flows
PlotLocalSensPlot results of CalculateLocalSens function
PlotModelsPlot results of capm model functions
PlotPopPyramidPopulation PlotPopPyramid
psu_ssuCensus tracts of Pinhais, Brazil.
SamplePPSSampling with probability proportional to size and with...
SampleSystematicSimple and stratified systematic sampling
SetRangesParameter ranges for global sensitivity analysis
SolveIASAModelling of immigration, abandonment, sterilization and...
SolveSIModelling of sterilization and immigration of comapnion...
SolveTCModelling of reversible contraception for companion animals
SummarySurveySummary statistics for sample surveys
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