Man pages for othomantegazza/ptrapr
Analyze the Structure of Rice Panicles

add_all_grainsMerge all grains into graph
add_grainAdd a Grain to the Closest Branch
get_baseGet the node at the base of the panicle
get_generatingIdentify Start and End Generating node
good_panicleA Panicle Graph
invert_edgesInvert Edges on The Main Axis of a Panicle
inverted_panicleA Panicle Graph with Inverted Edges
make_idlineMake a Tibble with the Vetex ID of the Longest Path
panicle_tibbleTurn a Panicle Graph in a Tibble useful for a dotplot
panicle_tileplotPlot the Output of 'panicle_tibble()'
plot_panicleA simple function to Plot Panilces
pull_branchExtract a Branch from a Panicle Graph
read_full_panicleRead Graph of Panicle Structure and Seeds
read_grainsRead Grain Spacial Graph
read_panicleRead Panicle Spacial Graph
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