Man pages for pachamaltese/dbtest
A Test Environment for DB Requests

capture_requestsCapture and record database transactions and save them as...
db_path_sanitizeSwitch illegal characters for legal ones
dbtest_debug_levelGet the dbtest debug level and evaluate if it is above a...
dot-dbtest_envan environment for dbtest storing state
get_dbnameGet the 'dbname' from a connection call
get_typeGet the type of an SQL statement
hashMake a (short) hash from a string
make_pathmake a mock path
mock-db-methodsMethods for interacting with DB mocks instead of an actual...
mockPathsSet an alternate directory for mock API fixtures
nycflights13_sqlCreate a standardised database for testing
nycflights13_sqliteCreate an in-memory SQLite database for testing
with_mock_dbRun the DBI queries inside against a mocked db
with_mock_pathRun the DBI queries in an alternate mock directory
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