Man pages for padilla410/SWMPrExtension
Functions for Analyzing and Plotting Estuary Monitoring Data

annual_rangeAnnual Range Timeseries
assign_seasonAssign seasons to SWMP sampling data
cbm_spatialSpatial Data from Chesapeake Bay - Maryland
create_sk_flextable_listCreate a List of Flextable Objects
create_sk_national_ft_reservesCreate a Flextable Object of Reserve Names
create_sk_national_ft_resultsCreate a Flextable Object of Seasonal Kendall Results
elknmnutNutrient Data from Elkhorn Slough - North Marsh Station
elksmwqWater Quality Data from Elkhorn Slough - South Marsh Station
elk_spatialSpatial Data from Elkhorn Slough
ft_col_namesConvert Parameter Abbreviations
generate_results_tableFilter Reformatted Seasonal Kendall Results
generate_station_tableFilter Reformatted Seasonal Kendall Results
geographic_unique_stationsReturn a vector of geographically unique NERR Stations
get_reserveIdentify NERRS reserve from metadata
get_shp_nameIdentify shapefile for NERRS reserve
get_site_codeReturn NERRS reserve site code based on data in the data file
get_site_coordinatesIdentify NERRS sampling locations from metadata
get_sitesIdentify NERRS reserve stations from metadata
historical_daily_rangeHistorical Daily Range Timeseries
historical_rangeHistorical Monthly/Seasonal Range Timeseries
import_local_nutImport local CDMO data
lm_p_labsP-Value labels for Plotting
load_shp_fileLoad and format shapefile for reserve level map
national_sk_mapReserve National Map with Seasonal Kendall Results
raw_boxplotBoxplots of raw data by user-defined season for a target year
remove_inf_and_nanReplace Inf/-Inf/NaN values
res_custom_mapLocal Reserve Map for Custom Stations
res_custom_sk_mapLocal Reserve Map With Seasonal Kendall Results for Custom...
reserve_locsNERRS Sampling Location Data Frame
res_local_mapLocal Reserve Map
res_national_mapReserve National Map
res_sk_mapLocal Reserve Map With Seasonal Kendall Results
sampling_stationsDetailed of NERRS site data
seasonal_barplotCumulative Bar Plot
seasonal_boxplotSeasonal boxplots
seasonal_dotSeasonal Dot Plot
set_date_break_labsSet reasonable date breaks labels
set_date_breaksSet reasonable date breaks
sk_seasonalSeasonal Kendall Analysis for Seasonal Data
sk_tidyTidy Seasonal Kendall Results
std_param_checkStandard Parameter Check
summarise_handoff_filesSummarise Hand-off Files from Reserve Level Reports
threshold_criteria_plotWater Quality Threshold Plot For Parameters With Criteria
threshold_identificationTabulate Threshold Exceedances
threshold_percentile_plotThreshold Percentile Plot
threshold_summarySummary Plots for Threshold Identification
title_labelerGenerate Plot Title Based on NERR Site ID
us_laeaUS County Map
y_count_labelerGenerate y-axis Label Based on SWMP Parameter Abbreviation
y_labelerGenerate y-axis Label Based on SWMP Parameter Abbreviation
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