Man pages for paleo13/rapr
Representative and Adequate Prioritization Toolkit in R

amount.heldExtract amount held for a solution
amount.targetAmount targets
as.listConvert object to list
AttributeSpaceCreate new AttributeSpace object
AttributeSpace-classAttributeSpace: An S4 class to represent an attribute space.
AttributeSpacesCreate new AttributeSpaces object
AttributeSpaces-classAttributeSpaces: An S4 class to represent a collection of...
blank.rasterBlank raster
cacheGet and set cache methods
calcBoundaryDataCalculate boundary data for planning units
calcSpeciesAverageInPusCalculate average value for species data in planning units
casestudy_dataCase-study dataset for a conservation planning exercise
DemandPointsCreate new DemandPoints object
DemandPoints-classDemandPoints: An S4 class to represent demand points
dp.subsetSubset demand points
GurobiOptsCreate GurobiOpts object
GurobiOpts-classGurobiOpts: An S4 class to represent Gurobi parameters
is.cachedTest if hash is cached in a Rap object
is.comparableCompare Rap objects
is.gdalInstalledTest if GDAL is installed on computer
is.GurobiInstalledTest if Gurobi is installed
logging.fileLog file
make.DemandPointsGenerate demand points for RAP
make.RapDataMake data for RAP using minimal inputs
ManualOptsCreate ManualOpts object
ManualOpts-classManualOpts: An S4 class to represent parameters for manually...
maximum.targetsMaximum targets
PlanningUnitPointsCreate new PlanningUnitPoints object
PlanningUnitPoints-classPlanningUnitPoints: An S4 class to represent planning units...
plotPlot object
printPrint objects
prob.subsetSubset probabilities above a threshold
pu.subsetSubset planning units
randomPointsSample random points from a RasterLayer
rapGenerate prioritizations using RAP
RapDataCreate new RapData object
RapData-classRapData: An S4 class to represent RAP input data
RapOpts-classRapOpts class
RapReliableOptsCreate RapReliableOpts object
RapReliableOpts-classRapReliableOpts: An S4 class to represent input parameters...
RapResultsCreate RapResults object
RapResults-classRapResults: An S4 class to represent RAP results
RapSolvedCreate new RapSolved object
RapSolved-classRapSolved: An S4 class to represent RAP inputs and outputs
raptrraptr: Representative and Adequate Prioritization Toolkit in...
RapUnreliableOptsCreate RapUnreliableOpts object
RapUnreliableOpts-classRapUnreliableOpts: An S4 class to represent parameters for...
RapUnsolvedCreate a new RapUnsolved object
RapUnsolved-classRapUnsolved: An S4 class to represent RAP inputs
rasterizeGDALRasterize polygon data using GDAL
read.RapResultsRead RAP results
rrap.proportion.heldProportion held using reliable RAP formulation.
scoreSolution score
selectionsExtract solution selections
showShow objects
sim.pusSimulate planning units
sim.spaceSimulate attribute space data for RAP
sim.speciesSimulate species distribution data for RAP
simulated_dataSimulated dataset for a conservation planning exercise
solveSolve RAP object
SolverOpts-classSolverOpts class
space.heldExtract attribute space held for a solution
space.plotPlot space
space.targetAttribute space targets
SpatialPolygons2PolySetConvert SpatialPolygons to PolySet data
spp.plotPlot species
spp.subsetSubset species
summarySummary of solutions
updateUpdate object
urap.proportion.heldProportion held using unreliable RAP formulation.
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