Man pages for paleolimbot/agedepth
Tidy tools for paleoenvironmental archives

age_depth_as_sec_axisUse Age Depth Models as a Second ggplot Axis
age_depth_modelCreate age depth models
alta_lake_210Pb_agesAlta Lake Lead-210 and Carbon-14 Ages
as_trans_factoryCoerce and validate transforms and functions that produce...
facet_abundancehFacet for relative abundance data
geom_col_segshUseful geometries for strat diagrams
geom_linehConnect observations in the vertical direction
geom_point_exaggerateExaggerated geometries that do not train scales
geom_ribbonhVertical ribbons and area plots
halifax_lakesHalifax lakes water chemistry and top/bottom diatom counts
is_age_depth_modelTest for age depth models
keji_lakesKeji lakes core diatom counts
label_geochemGeochem facet labelers
label_speciesSpecies facet labellers
layer_dendrogramAdd a dendrogram as a layer or facet
layer_scoresAdd scores to a plot
long_lake_14C_agesLong Lake Carbon-14 Ages
nested_analysisPerform an analysis on a nested data matrix
nested_dataPrepare a parameter-long data frame for statistical analysis
nested_hclustNested (Constrained) hierarchical clustering
nested_prcompNested Principal Components Analysis (PCA)
new_age_depth_modelCreate age depth model objects
plot.age_depth_modelPlot an age depth model using base graphics
plot.nested_analysisPlot a nested analysis
predict.age_depth_modelPredict age and depth values
print.age_depth_modelPrint summary of age-depth model objects
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rotated_facet_labelsCommon plot modifications for stratigraphic plots
scale_x_abundanceScales for relative abundance values
scale_y_depth_ageAge-depth scales
sequential_layer_facetsChange facet ordering behaviour
stat_nested_hclustDisplay a dendrogram as a ggplot2 layer
validate_age_depth_modelValidate age depth model objects
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