Man pages for paleolimbot/ggr6
An Implementaation of the Grammar of Graphics in R6

BuilderBuild a Graphic
cascadeCombine cascading elements
cascading_elementCreate a cascading element
CascadingThemeCascading Themes
censor_discreteCensor discrete values
ColumnMappingCreate a tibble from user data
CoordCoordinate systems
FacetSplit data in to one or more panels
GeomRender a graphical object
ggr6-packageggr6: An Implementaation of the Grammar of Graphics in R6
GraphicSpecify a Graphic
GuideGraphical represntation of Scales
GuideListList of Guides
is_cascading_elementS3 details for cascading elements
LayerA Graphics Layer
LayerListA list of Layers
ListBase class for ordered lists
missing_valueSentinel for missing values
oob_keepKeep out-of-bounds values
PositionAdjust positions before rendering
RendererRender and assemble a Graphic
RendererGraphicsGraphics Renderer
rescale_noneDon't rescale
ScaleConvert between data spaces
ScaleContinuousContinuous Scale
ScaleDiscreteDiscrete Scale
ScaleListMutable List of Scale objects
ScaleSimpleDefault implementation of Scale objects
StatTransform data
StatGeomBaseBase class for statistics and geometries
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
trans_discrete_newDiscrete Transform
waiverDefault value
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