Man pages for paleolimbot/mudata
Interchange Tools for Multi-Parameter Spatiotemporal Data

alta_lakeAlta Lake Gravity Core Data
as_col_specDescribe column types for use in the columns table
as_mudataCoerce objects to mudata
autoplot.mudataAutoplot a mudata object
biplot.mudataBiplot a mudata object
collect.mudataCollect all mudata components
distinct_paramsGet distinct params, locations, and datasets from a mudata...
filterersSubset a mudata object by complex expression
generate_type_tblGenerate type descriptors
is_mudataTest if an object is a mudata object
kentvillegreenwoodKentville/Greenwood Climate Data
long_ggplotSmart plotting of parameter-long data frames
long_lakeLong Lake Lake Gravity/Percussion Core Data
long_pairsBiplot a parameter-long data frame
mudataCreate a mudata object
mudata2-packageA (Mostly) Universal Data Format for Multi-Parameter,...
mudata_prepare_columnPrepare mudata table columns for writing
mudata_sqlCreate a mudata object using a database source
mutate_dataModify mudata tables
new_mudataValidate, create a mudata object
ns_climateNova Scotia Long-Term Climate Data
parallel_gatherMelt multiple sets of columns in parallel
pocmajPockwock Lake/Lake Major Elemental Sample Data
pocmajsumPre-summarised Sample Data
print.mudataPrint a mudata object
rbind.mudataCombine mudata objects
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rename_cols_baseRename a column in an object
rename_datasets_baseRename datasets, params, locations, and columns
renamersRename identifiers in a mudata object
rename_values_baseReplace/rename values in a vector
second_lake_tempSecond Lake Thermistor String Data
selectersSubset a mudata object by identifier
subset.mudataSubset a MuData object
tbl_dataAccess components of a mudata object
update_columns_tableUpdate the columns table
update_datasetsAdd documentation to mudata objects
write_mudataRead/Write mudata objects
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