Man pages for paleolimbot/tidyphreeqc
Tidy geochemical modeling using PHREEQC

keywordsPHREEQC keywords
phr_endInsert END block
phr_equilibrium_phasesSpecify a list of phases for which equilibria should be...
phr_inputCreate a PHREEQC input
phr_input_sectionCreate input sections for phreeqc
phr_mixSpecify a MIX of solutions
phr_pH_fix_definitionfix pH or pe of a reaction
phr_print_outputShow output associated with a PHREEQC run
phr_reactionSpecify a REACTION
phr_reaction_temperatureSpecify a reaction temperature, pressure gradient
phr_read_pqiRead .pqi-files into tidyphreeqc
phr_runRun PHREEQC
phr_selected_outputSpecify selected output
phr_solutionSepcify a solution
phr_solution_listCreate a large number of solutions
phr_solution_master_speciesDefine a solution master species
phr_solution_speciesDefine a solution/surface species
phr_surfaceSpecify a surface
phr_surface_master_speciesDefine a surface master species
phr_use_dbUse various phreeqc databases
phr_write_pqiWrite phr_input_sections to file
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
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