Man pages for paodan/funcTools
some useful function tools in practice

cbindListcbind all elements in a list
clearRemoves the variables from environment
detachPackagesdetach packages
detachPackagesAlldetach all packages except basic packages
edge2MatConvert network edges to adjacency matrix
evalParEvaluate parameters in one goal in the global environment
fastq2dataframeRead fastq file and convert to a data frame
fastq2dataframe_revreverse a fastq corresponding data frame to a data.table of...
findShortestPathFind the shortest path
formatNAdd leading zeros
funCodeFinding function source code
functionInfo-classGenerating functionInfo object
funDispatchfind dispatched functions for an object
funUseapply either the dispatched S3 or S4 method of a function to...
insideOutListMake a named list inside out
lsAccessibleVariablelist the variables that a function can access
makeUniqueNamesMake Unique Names
mat2EdgeAdjacency matrix to a data.frame of edges.
matrixNewGenerate random/diagonal/zeros/ones Matrix
matrixRepRepeat matrix m by n times
plotSaveSave a plot
qdelDelete (qdel) of queue jobs.
qdelAllDelete (qdel) of job by pattern
qstatStatus (qstat) of my running jobs.
qstatAllStatus (qstat) of running jobs of all users.
qstatGroupAllStatus (qstat) of running jobs of group members.
qstatProcessprocess the results form qstat command
removeSpaceremove multiple spaces to one space
rQsubSubmit (qsub) R jobs.
scale_colour_PublicationChange discrete colour color of ggplot
scale_fill_PublicationChange discrete fill color of ggplot
scale_xy_ticksChange the x and y axis ticks of ggplot
selectRowsSelect rows from a data frame according to reference IDs
setwd2thisFileSet working directory according to the file including this...
sortDataframeSort data.frame according to multiple columns.
strSplitSplit charactors vecotrs and save as a matrix
theme_Publicationggplot theme for publication ready Plots
theme_transparentMake the ggplot transparent
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