Man pages for patr1ckm/mvtboost
Tree Boosting for Multivariate Outcomes

addalphaAdd alpha
colorRampPaletteAlphaAdd alpha and ramps between colors
gbm.cverrTune gbm via cross-validation to find the best set of...
gbm_gridCV Tune gbm fits over a grid of parameters in parallel
influenceCompute variable influence (influence) scores from 'mvtboost'...
metbBoosted decision trees with random effects
mvtbFitting a Multivariate Tree Boosting Model
mvtb.clusterClustering the covariance explained or relative influence...
mvtb.covexEstimate the covariance explained matrix
mvtb.heatClustered heatmap of tables from 'mvtb'
mvtb.nonlinDetect departures from linearity from a multivariate tree...
mvtboost-packageTree Boosting for Multivariate Outcomes
mvtb.perspecPerspective plot for 2 predictors and 1 response.
mvtb.riComputes the relative influence of each predictor for each...
mvtb.uncompUncompress a compressed mvtb output object
pcbboost principal components of outcomes
perf.metboost#' Marginal plots for metboost objects #' #' The fitted...
plot.mvtbPlots the model implied effect of 1 predictor for one outcome
predict.metbPrediction for metb objects
predict.mvtbPredicted values
predict.pcbPredicted values from principal components boosting
predict.twostagePrediction for twostage objects
print.gbm.cverrPrint gbm.cverr Object
print.mvtbSimple default printing of the mvtb output object
summary.gbm.cverrSummarizing gbm.cverr Results
summary.metbReports the relative influence of each predictor in an metb...
summary.mvtbComputes a summary of the multivariate tree boosting model
twostageTwo stage lmer boost
wellbeingPsychological well-being
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