Man pages for paul4forest/tradeflows
Process forest products trade flow data from COMTRADE and COMEXT

addconversionfactorandpriceAdd unit price and conversion factor to each flow
adddot2logfileAdd a dot at the end of a text file while keeping a new line...
addmissingmirrorflowAdd the partner flow when quantity is missing
addpartnerflowAdd volume and value of the partner flow
addregionAdd regionreporter and regionpartner
calculatediscrepanciesCalculate discrepancies
changecolumntypeChange some of the column types
changeflowmessageA function to calculate the percentage change on world...
checkdbcolumnsControl the presence of required columns in the given...
choosereporterorpartnerCompare reporter and partner flow
cleanCombine cleaning functions
clean2excelClean and export price and conversion factor to Excel
cleancomextmonthly1productClean Comext Monthly data
cleandbproductWrite flows into the database table validated_flow
cleanmonthlyClean monthly trade flows
column_namesColumn names of data sources
createalloverviewreportsCreate overview reports for all countries available
createcompletenessreportCreate the completeness report
createcountryindexGenerate a list of reports
creatediscrepancyreportCreate a discrepancy report
createoverviewreportCreate reports for all products in the given reporter country
createreportCreate data completeness report for comtrade data
createrproducteportCreate report from the database
deletedbproductDelete validated data for one product
descriptionProduct description
estimatequantityEstimate quantity
extractconversionfactorsExtract median conversion factor at a given geographical...
extractflagsExtract information from flag estimates
extractmetadataExtract report metadata from trade flow table
extractpricesExtract median prices at a given geographical aggregation...
filterworldeu28Filter world and EU28
findduplicatedflowsReturn a dataframe of duplicated flows
joinpricecvfboundsJoin price and conversion factor tables to the data frame
lengthuniqueReturn the length of unique combination of given column names
loadcomext1productLoad all archive and recent Comext data for one product
loadcomtradeallreportersLoad flows for all countries, in all directions available in...
loadcomtradebycodeload raw data from the COMTRADE API
loadcomtradewithpauseLoad flows for all countries, with a 1 hour pause between...
nrowinDBNumber of rows in a database table
readdbproductLoad trade flows for one product from a database table of...
readdbtbl[Deprecated] Create a dplyr connector to MySQL
removeduplicatedflowsRemove duplicated flows
renamecolumnsRename and select columns
replacebypartnerquantityReplace quantity by quantity partner when the price variation...
sanitycheckCheck various features of the trade flows data frame
savedtf2excelSave a data frame to the Excel format, with column names
savelistdtf2excelSave a list of data frames to Excel format
selectbyidSelect rows by id
setdatabaseconfigSets database connection parameters as a global R option...
shavepriceChange quantities when unit prices are too high or too low
swapreporterpartnerRename reporter to partner and partner to reporter
tradeflowstradeflows: Manipulate data for a forest products trade flow...
tradeflows-deprecatedDeprecated functions in the tradeflows package
trytocreateoverviewreportsFault tolerant report creation for the server
write2logWrite errors to a log file
writedbproductWrite validated flows for one product into the database
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