Man pages for paularaissa/distStatsClient
Distributed Multiple Imputations

checkClassChecks that an object has the same class in all studies
combine2CDFsCombine 2 Cumulative Distances
combineCCDFsConditional Combine Cumulative Distribuition Function
ds.anovaFit an Analysis of Variance Model
ds.arMeanArithmetic mean.
ds.condCDFConditional Cumulative Distributed Function
ds.condPercentileDistributed Conditional Percentile
ds.fittedModel Fitted Values
ds.fTestDistributed F Test to Compare Two Variances
ds.geometricMeanGeometric Mean
ds.histogramCombined Histogram
ds.imputeLinear Regression
ds.lengthLength of an Object
ds.linearLinear Regression
ds.logisticLogistic Regression
ds.modelCheckingsSummarizing Regression Models
ds.naMissing Values of Study Variable
ds.oneWayTestDistributed test for Equal Means in a One-Way Layout
ds.percentileDistributed Percentile
ds.poissonPoisson Regression
ds.prodProduct of study variable elements
ds.sdStandard Deviation
ds.semStandard Error of the Mean
ds.sumSum of Study Variable Elements
ds.sumOfSquaresSum of Squares
ds.tTestDistributed Student's t-Test
ds.varSample Variance
ds.wilcoxTestDistributed Wilcoxon Rank Sum and Signed Rank Tests
ds.xOfCondPercentileX Value for Conditional Percentile
ds.xOfPercentileX Value for Percentile
extractSplits character by '$' and returns the single characters
findLoginObjectssearches for opal login object in the environment
getDerivativeCombined Derivative Computation of beta's.
getOpalsGets the opal objects
isAssignedChecks an object has been generated on the server side
isDefinedChecks if the objecs are defined in studies
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