Man pages for paymanghasemi/SiteOpt
SiteOpt: an Open-source R-package for Site Selection Optimization in Conservation Planning

Add_ConstraintCreate a Linear Constraint
Budget_Add_ConstraintCreate a Budget Constraint
Budget_Import_ConstraintImport Budget Constraint's data from Excel file
Connectivity_Add_ConstraintCreate a Connectivity Constraint
Connectivity_Import_ConstraintImport Connectivity Constraints' data from Excel file
Disconnectivity_Add_ConstraintCreate a Disconnectivity Constraint
Disconnectivity_Import_ConstraintImport Disconnectivity Constraints' data from Excel file
First_Objective_CreateCreate First Objective coefficients
First_Objective_ImportImport First Objective coefficients from Excel file
Import_dataImport problem's data from Excel file
Load_ProblemLoad the optimization problem into Julia environment...
Optimize_First_ObjectiveLoad and Optimize the first Objective Function
Optimize_NBPLoad and Optimize Nash Bargaining Problem (NBP)
Optimize_Second_ObjectiveLoad and Optimize the second Objective Function
Optimize_WSOLoad and Optimize Weighted Sum Optimization (WSO)
Parcels_CreateCreate Parcels and their Status
Parcels_ImportImport parcel status data from Excel file
Risk_Objective_CreateCreate Risk Objective
Risk_Objective_ImportImport Risk Objective data from Excel file
Second_Objective_CreateCreate Second Objective coefficients
Second_Objective_ImportImport Second Objective coefficients from Excel file
SetupOne-time installation function
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