Man pages for pbiecek/hugo
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hugo_clean_dataClean your data
hugo_continue_investigationContinue Hugo investigation
hugo_memoriseSaving objects as .rda files
hugo_memorise_modelSaves a model
hugo_memorise_plotSave plot
hugo_memorise_tableSaves a table
hugo_read_dataReads data to R
hugo_save_investigationSave variables and information about packages
hugo_share_objectShare and download object from github.
hugo_share_secretEncrypt and share any object
hugo_show_historyDispays history of hugo investigation.
hugo_show_statisticsGives the brief overview of the present hugo statistics.
hugo_start_investigationStarts a New Hugo Investigation
hugo_summarise_dataCreate report with summary of variables in dataset.
hugo_train_modelTraining binary classification model and choose the best one
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