Man pages for pbsag/outviz
Build Output Tables and Visualizations for Travel Models

chord_chartCreate an HTML chord diagram from matrix information
convert_table_to_matrixConvert a dataframe to a matrix
crosstableBuild an attractive cross-tabulation
cut_volumesCut volumes into pretty levels
flowsDistrict-to-District Flows
link_measures_tableLink Measures Table
linksLink output table
link_stats_tableLink Statistics Table
link_targetsPercent of links on target
link_testConstruct a test call
mdd_tableCreate mdd table
numerifyNumerify a mixed vector
outvizoutviz: A package for standardized model outputs
pct_errorCalculate percent error
pct_rmseCalculate percent RMSE
plotly_mddMaximum desirable devation plotly object
plotly_tlfdPlot a trip length frequency distribution comparison as an...
plotly_validationLink validation plot with
plot_mddMaximum desirable deviation plot
plot_tlfdPlot a trip length frequency distribution comparison
plot_validationLink validation plot
prep_tlfd_dataPrepares model data for tlfd plotting. Given a skim table and...
refactor_levelsRefactor a variable so that it prints properly.
rmseCalculate RMSE
stat_smooth_funcAdd function equation to statistical smoothing
volume_levelsCut a volumes variable into levels
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