Man pages for pbulsink/GrapeWeatheR
Analysis of Environment Canada Climate Data for Grape Grower and Agriculture Information

beddCalculate Biologically Effective Growing Days value (BEDD)
calculate_annual_indiciesCalculate Annual Temperature Indices
frostFrost Free Length & Frosty Days
get_region_classificationGet Region classification
gstCalculate Growing Season Temperature average, max and min...
huglin_indexCalculate Huglin Index (HI)
load_weather_station_dataUse the weathercan package to download data
nd_tempNumber of days related to temperature (percentile,...
plot_index_historyPlot the annual index value over time
plot_index_progressPlot index progress
plot_precip_historyPlot Precipitation History
plot_precip_progressPlot Precipitation Progress
plot_temp_historyPlot Temperature History
precipCalculate Precipitation Statistics
winkler_indexCalculate Winkler Index (Growing Degree Days) (WI/GDD)
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