Man pages for pbulsink/hockeyR
Hockey Analytics Scripts from the Community

brierBrier Score
db.get_db_connectionGet Database Connection
db.merge_games_to_dbMerge Games into Database
db.merge_season_to_dbMerge Season into Database
dcapplyDo Call Apply
ds.attributionAttribution statement
ds.clean_numsClean Nums clean_nums() returns a list of player number...
ds.compile_all_gamesScrape & compile & savel all (or subset of) games in a season...
ds.compile_gamesCompile Games
ds.find_goalieIs On Goalie
ds.fix_namesFix Names
ds.get_all_gamesGet all games
ds.get_coordinatesGet Coordinates
ds.get_highlightsGet Highlights
ds.get_pbpGet PBP
ds.get_player_profileGet Player Profile
ds.get_rosterGet Roster
ds.get_scheduleGet Schedule
ds.get_shiftsGet Shifts
ds.get_team_profileGet Team Profile
ds.get_user_agentsGet User Agents
ds.is_onIs On
ds.merge_seasonMerge Season Files
ds.ms_from_secondsMM:SS from seconds
ds.parse_dateParse Date
ds.parse_eventParse PBP Event
ds.parse_gameParse Game
ds.parse_highlightParse Highlight
ds.parse_playerParse Player
ds.parse_rosterParse Roster
ds.parse_shiftParse Shift
ds.parse_shiftsParse Shifts
ds.parse_shifts_from_pbpParse Shifts from PBP
ds.scrape_gameScrape Game
ds.scrape_player_profileScrape Player Profile
ds.scrape_scheduleScrape Schedule
ds.scrape_team_profileScrape Team Profile
ds.seconds_from_msSeconds from (HH):MM:SS
ftable2dfF Table to Data Frame Game Score Weights
log_lossLogarithmic Loss
movingMoving Average
na_as_stringNA as String
na_as_zeroNA as Zero
nabsNumeric Absolute
na_if_nullNA if NULL
st.angle_from_centreAngle from Centre
st.combo_codeCombo Code
st.distance_from_netDistance from Net
st.game_scoreGame Score
st.old_sum_goalieSummarize Goalie Stats (Old PBP Format)
st.old_sum_skaterSummarize Skater Stats (Old PBP Format)
st.old_sum_teamSummarize Team Stats (Old PBP Format)
st.pbp_enhanceEnhance PBP
st.sum_goalieSummarize Goalie Stats
st.sum_skaterSummarize Skater Stats
st.sum_teamSummarize Team Stats
st.which_circleWhich Circle
st.which_zoneWhich Zone
xg.attributionAttribution statement
xg.train_modelTrain xG model
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