Man pages for pcastellanoescuder/POMA_package
Tools for Omics Data Analysis

box_cox_transformationBox-Cox Transformation
cor_pmatCorrelation P-Values
detect_decimalsDetect decimals
flattenCorrMatrixFlatten Correlation Matrix
pipePipe operator
PomaBatchBatch Correction
PomaBoxplotsBoxplots and Violin Plots
PomaClustCluster Analysis
PomaCorrCorrelation Analysis
PomaCreateObjectCreate a 'SummarizedExperiment' Object
PomaDensityDensity Plots
PomaDESeqDifferential Expression Analysis Based on the Negative...
PomaHeatmapHeatmap Plot
PomaImputeImpute Missing Values
PomaLassoLasso, Ridge, and Elasticnet Regularized Generalized Linear...
PomaLimmaDifferential Expression Analysis Using 'limma'
PomaLMLinear Models
PomaLMMLinear Mixed Models
PomaNormNormalize Data
PomaOddsRatioLogistic Regression Model Odds Ratios
PomaOutliersAnalyse and Remove Statistical Outliers
poma_pal_cReturn function to interpolate a continuous POMA color...
poma_pal_dReturn function to interpolate a discrete POMA color palette
PomaPCAPrincipal Components Analysis
PomaPCRPrincipal Components Regression
PomaPLSPartial Least Squares Methods
PomaRandForestClassification Random Forest
PomaRankProdRank Product/Rank Sum Analysis
PomaUMAPDimensionality Reduction with UMAP
PomaUnivariateUnivariate Statistical Test
PomaVolcanoVolcano Plot
quantile_normSample Quantile Normalization
scale_color_poma_cColor scale constructor for continuous 'viridis' "plasma"...
scale_color_poma_dColor scale constructor for discrete 'viridis' "plasma"...
scale_fill_poma_cFill scale constructor for continuous 'viridis' "plasma"...
scale_fill_poma_dFill scale constructor for discrete 'viridis' "plasma"...
st000284Colorectal Cancer Detection Using Targeted Serum Metabolic...
st000336Targeted LC/MS of urine from boys with DMD and controls
sum_normSample Sum Normalization
theme_pomaA ggplot theme which allow custom yet consistent styling of...
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