Man pages for pdhoff/amen
Additive and Multiplicative Effects Models for Networks and Relational Data

addhealthc3AddHealth community 3 data
addhealthc9AddHealth community 9 data
addlinesAdd lines
ameAME model fitting routine
amen-packageAdditive and Multiplicative Effects Models for Networks and...
ame_repAME model fitting routine for replicated relational data
circplotCircular network plot
coldwarCold War data
comtradeComtrade data
design_arrayComputes the design socioarray of covariate values
dutchcollegeDutch college data
el2smEdgelist to sociomatrix
gofstatsGoodness of fit statistics
IR90sInternational relations in the 90s
lazegalawLazega's law firm data
ldZgbmelog density for GBME models
llsrmRhoSRM log likelihood evaluated on a grid of rho-values
mhalfSymmetric square root of a matrix
netplotNetwork plotting
plot.amePlot results of an AME object
precomputeXPrecomputation of design matrix quantities.
raSab_bin_fcSimulate a and Sab from full conditional distributions under...
raSab_cbin_fcSimulate a and Sab from full conditional distributions under...
raSab_frn_fcSimulate a and Sab from full conditional distributions under...
rbeta_ab_fcConditional simulation of additive effects and regression...
rbeta_ab_rep_fcGibbs sampling of additive row and column effects and...
rmvnormSimulation from a multivariate normal distribution
rrho_fcGriddy Gibbs update for dyadic correlation
rrho_mhMetropolis update for dyadic correlation
rrho_mh_repMetropolis update for dyadic correlation with independent...
rs2_fcGibbs update for dyadic variance
rs2_rep_fcGibbs update for dyadic variance with independent replicate...
rSab_fcGibbs update for additive effects covariance
rSuv_fcGibbs update for multiplicative effects covariance
rUV_fcGibbs sampling of U and V
rUV_rep_fcGibbs sampling of U and V
rUV_sym_fcGibbs sampling of U and V
rwishSimulation from a Wishart distribution
rZ_bin_fcSimulate Z based on a probit model
rZ_cbin_fcSimulate Z given fixed rank nomination data
rZ_frn_fcSimulate Z given fixed rank nomination data
rZ_nrm_fcSimulate missing values in a normal AME model
rZ_ord_fcSimulate Z given the partial ranks
rZ_rrl_fcSimulate Z given relative rank nomination data
sampsonmonksSampson's monastery data
sheepSheep dominance data
simY_binSimulate a network, i.e. a binary relational matrix
simY_frnSimulate an relational matrix based on a fixed rank...
simY_nrmSimulate a normal relational matrix
simY_ordSimulate an ordinal relational matrix
simY_rrlSimulate an relational matrix based on a relative rank...
simZSimulate Z given its expectation and covariance
sm2elSociomatrix to edgelist
summary.ameSummary of an AME object
XbetaLinear combinations of submatrices of an array
xnetNetwork embedding
YX_binbinary relational data and covariates
YX_bin_longbinary relational data and covariates
YX_cbinCensored binary nomination data and covariates
YX_frnFixed rank nomination data and covariates
YX_nrmnormal relational data and covariates
YX_ordordinal relational data and covariates
YX_rrlrow-specific ordinal relational data and covariates
zscoresrank-based z-scores
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