Man pages for pdparker/isco88conversion
Converts ISCO-88 Codes to EGP, ISEI, or SIOPS codes

ANZSCOhashANZSCO to ISCO-88 correspondance
anzscoToISCOConvert ANZSCO to ISCO-88
convertConverts ISCO-88 to Common SES Codes
dominanceReturns highest of mother and father codes
dominanceEGPhelper function for dominance
dominancePRESTIGEhelper function for dominance
ISCO0888Hash table with ISCO08 codes as Key and correspondance ISCO88...
isco08to88Converts ISCO-08 to ISCO-88 codes.
ISCOhashISCO-88 to ses and social class correspondance
isisco88Check if Input is a Valid ISCO-88 Code
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