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South Park Script Scraper

compare_two_charactersCompare two characters and decide which one is naughtier.
episode_linesLines spoken by characters
episode_listBasic information about episodes
fetch_all_episodesFetch scripts for all episodes.
fetch_episodeFetch script for a single episode.
fetch_episode_listFetch list of all episodes.
fetch_ratingsFetch IMDB ratings for all South Park episodes.
fetch_ratings_oldFetch ratings for all selected seasons.
fetch_season_episode_listFetch episode list for a season
fetch_season_ratings_oldFetch IMDB ratings for one season.
imdb_ratingsIMDB episode ratings
plot_character_sentimentPlots sentiment over episodes for selected characters.
plot_swear_word_comparisonPlot comparison of swear words proportion among selected...
preprocess_charactersPreprocess character names.
preprocess_textPreprocess text to keep only alphanum character, spaces and...
process_episode_wordsProcesses lines and ratings and creates a data frame usable...
southparkr-packagesouthparkr: South Park script crawler
swear_wordsList of words that are considered naughty.
top_n_charactersSelect top N talking characters.
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