Man pages for pearsonplc/vispear
A package facilitating data visualisation using Pearson branding

cat_colors20 different color - categorical group. It is useful with...
datatable_enrCreate datatable in ENR style
div_colors11 different color - diverging group (from Red to Blue). It...
draw_scale_manualChange color from categorical colors to diverging/sequential...
draw_scale_numericManipulate value of text in given axis.
fixed_scale_formatterformatter no 3
geom_iecdfcreate a plot with inverse empirical cumulative distribution...
get_html_dataCreate HTML format data. Useful with datable_enr function.
legend_enrE&R legend - put legend inside a plot.
load_enr_fontsDownload OpenSans fonts
pair_colors6 pair colors - It is useful with work with scatterplot,...
p_colors4 different colors - Pearson colors
p_colors28 different colors - Pearson colors (second palette)
quar_colors4 quartet colors - It is useful with work with scatterplot,...
save_plotFunction for saving a plot.
save_plot2Function for saving a plot in pdf and png format at once.
save_plot_gridFunction for saving a plot (when it is not ggobject).
seq_colors9 different colors - sequential group (Blue gradient). It is...
show_enr_palettesShow ENR palettes
sign_formatterformatter no 1
simple_formatterformatter no 2
theme_enrE&R theme for all plots in presentation
trio_colors6 trio colors - It is useful with work with scatterplot,...
vispear-packagevispear: What the Package Does (Title Case)
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