Man pages for pedro-andrade-inpe/colrow
Handling SimU, CR, and LU data

attrsCreates a vector of strings from variable names
equalStepsCreates intervals with equal sizes to be used by plot...
getCountriesReturn all country names available for g2006.
getCRReturn CR geometries for a given country.
getCRcentroidsReturn CR centroids for a given country.
getLUReturn LU geometries for a given country.
getScenariosReturn the scenarios of a directory
getSimUReturn SimU geometries for a given country.
plotAllPlot several maps according to a prefix
processDirectoryProcess a given directory with results from different...
processFileConvert a given output csv file to a shapefile.
readCSVRead CR from a CSV file to tibble
renameShapeRename shapefile
writeAllColRowWrite ID objects into a text file that can be used by GLOBIOM
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